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          Contact Us for Technical & Financial Staffing and Fractional HR Services Solutions

          Oakwood Search and Oakwood Human Resources provide exceptional services to corporations, both nationwide and internationally.? Whether you are looking to hire someone to your team, considering a move for yourself in the future, or need fractional HR support please contact us today so that we may begin a life long relationship.


          1400 16th Street
          Suite 400
          Denver, CO 80202

          New York:
          600 Third Avenue
          2nd Floor
          New York, NY 10016

          San Francisco:
          1390 Market Street
          Suite 200
          San Francisco, CA 94102


          To review our current opportunities, please click here.


          WHO WE ARE

          Oakwood Search has a proven track record of helping leading corporations find their needed employees. With a comprehensive understanding of the...Read More

          CONTACT US

          We look forward to hearing from you and discussing how Oakwood can help your organization grow and flourish. Feel free to call us at 303.745.2504 or click here to email us.